EcoSport’s Alarm System

EcoSport has a number of security features including a passive alarm system. A passive alarm system activates automatically, in contrast to an active alarm system that must be activated by the user. In the case of an EcoSport, its alarm activates as soon as the vehicle is locked—which can be done by either of the following actions: (1) the key is inserted on the key slot on the driver’s door and then turned counterclockwise, or by (2) pressing the lock key on the remote. The amber light on the center console should light up for 30 seconds, to indicate successful locking of the vehicle (and thus, automatic activation of the alarm).

To test the alarm, you must simulate a situation as if you were leaving the vehicle on a parking lot. First, close all entry points such as the hood and all the doors and windows. Sit inside the vehicle and lock it up by pressing the lock button on the remote (or if you do not have a remote, give the your key to someone and then lock the vehicle from outside).


Wait for 30 seconds for the alarm to fully-activate. When ready, open a door. The alarm should sound off. To deactivate the alarm, simply press the unlock key, or alternatively, start the vehicle.

The alarm does not have the capability to detect people touching the car’s body, or attempts to open the doors (by pulling the handles). Alarm systems from third-party providers may be installed for added security (consult your dealer about it).

To watch the video on how EcoSport’s alarm works, head directly to EcoSport’s Alarm System.

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Isa na namang kaalaman sa ating minamahal na EcoSport
© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)


4 thoughts on “EcoSport’s Alarm System

  1. gdday po sir, pwede po b ma activate natin ung honk horn ng FORD ECO ’17 natin when door lock/unlock sir🤔?


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