Adding Water to the Orange Coolant

The engine’s cooling system is one of the most vital systems in a car. Like in most cars, EcoSport uses a coolant mixture of 50% water and 50% additive (orange in color). This liquid mix transfers heat from the engine to the radiator, to keep the engine at a safe operating temperature.

While it is possible to simply use 100% pure water, it is not ideal because water freezes at 0 °C and boils at 100 °C. This means that if only water was used, the engine could only safely operate between 0 to 100 °C.

EcoSport uses the additive brand Motocraft, which according to the manufacturer, “a 50/50 mixture of coolant and distilled water provides freeze protection down to -37 °C and boiling protection up to 129 °C”. With the help of this additive—more accurately referred to as coolant and antifreeze additive—the engine can operate at a wider range of temperatures.


Through time, the water component will evaporate. If too much pressure builds up, steam (water vapor) can escape through the special release valve integrated into the cap. Lost water needs to be replaced by topping up the coolant mix (and bring the mix at the correct ratio).

Distilled water (which is pure water) is used to prevent any possible contamination. Topping up is quite simple to do and takes only a few minutes.

Full-length video tutorials are exclusive to website subscribers. To watch the full video, head directly to Adding Water to the Orange Coolant.


Through this blog, I intend to share things that I discover with our EcoSport. To donate a liter of gas to EcoSport DIY Series, click here.

© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)


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