Information Display

The Information Display is one of the sections of the Instrument Cluster panel in the dashboard of an EcoSport. Some of the information shown in the Information Display are the following:

1. Total distance traveled since the vehicle rolled out of the factory – this is useful in reminding us about the scheduled preventive maintenance service of the vehicle
2. Range (KM to empty) – tells you the estimated distance that the car can travel to, based on the remaining fuel and driving habits
3. Speed Alarm settings – useful if you want to be reminded with a beep whenever you exceed a set limit
4. Distance Counter – useful for estimating the distance covered in a particular trip
5. Average Speed – to give you an idea if your trip is faster or slower than your usual speed
6. Fuel Efficiency – gives you an estimate on the “current kilometers per liter” of the car
7. Ambient Temperature – tells you the outdoor temperature (not the engine temperature)

To watch the video about the information display of an EcoSport, head directly to Information Display.

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Isa na namang kaalaman sa ating minamahal na EcoSport
© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)



2 thoughts on “Information Display

  1. Good day!

    Sir, may I ask if there is a DIY to fix the Information Display? It’s no longer showing on mine. Before it totally disappeared, there was a period that it was blinking for a week or so and appears/re-appears for some time.

    Going to the CASA would be a last option. Hence, I am hoping that you can provide ways I can try as it might just be a loose wire/connection or the led bulb that needs a replacement.

    Thank you so much for whatever input you can share.


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