EcoSport’s Transponder Key

Most vehicles nowadays are equipped with an immobilizer, a feature that prevents a vehicle’s engine from starting without a valid security code. To disarm the immobilizer, a specialized chip called a transponder embedded in the vehicle’s key provides the valid code. If no transponder with a valid code is detected, a vehicle such as an EcoSport, will remain immobilized— that is, the engine will not start.


As the name suggests, a transponder chip automatically transmits and responds to the vehicle’s request for a valid security code. The transponder is powered wirelessly through the induction coils near the ignition slot, and must be placed in close proximity to the ignition slot for the chip to power up and be detected (as in the case of Titanium smart keyless systems when the batteries in the remote are too weak).

Full-length video tutorials are exclusive to website subscribers. To watch the full video, head directly to EcoSport’s Transponder Key.


Through this blog, I intend to share things that I discover with our EcoSport. To donate a liter of gas to EcoSport DIY Series, click here.

© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)


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