LTO’s Practical Driving Exam

In 2017, I have made a video about the Land Transportation Office’s (LTO) practical driving exam (driving test), a special episode of this auto blog, EcoSport DIY Series. Hopefully, this video helps you prepare for your practical driving exam.

I’d appreciate a feedback if you find this video useful :)

For inquiries on how to get your driver’s license, kindly leave a comment below.
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© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)


6 thoughts on “LTO’s Practical Driving Exam

  1. Could u please explain how to replace cigarette lighter fuse (s) on ecosport complete with video. Thank you

    On Thu, Jul 19, 2018, 8:00 AM ECOSPORT DIY SERIES wrote:

    > Eteny posted: “In 2017, I have made a video about the Land Transportation > Office’s (LTO) practical driving exam (driving test). It is actually a > special episode of EcoSport DIY Series. Check out this video to find out > the things that you need to know to get your driver'” >


  2. This video is super accurate. I just got my Non Pro driver’s license earlier today. Few months before, I was looking for a video or atleast an article about how to get a license (especially what am I going to do to pass the written and practical exams), as part of my preparation because I did not attend a driving school. This video showed exactly the same (so as the whole process) except that I still have to park backwards even though I used my own car. (But that’s okay, since the video already gave me an idea that other examinees had to park backwards). Thank you so much for posting such a very helpful and informative video 😊


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