Stick Shift Knob with Button

I have installed a button on my EcoSport’s stick shift knob, so I could operate my two-way radio without having to reach for the microphone. Pressing the button allows me to transmit voice through the radio. This button, of course, can be used for any other application.

Press-to-talk (PTT)
The button blends well with the general look and feel of the knob (I believe it looks elegant). To make room for the button, I removed material from the knob using a drill. EcoSport’s shifter knob, apparently, is cast aluminum, which made drilling difficult. To avoid damage during gear shifting, I used a flexible telephone cable to connect the button to the radio.

Full-length video tutorials are exclusive to website subscribers. To watch the full video on how to remove the shift knob, head directly to Removing the Shift Knob.


Through this blog, I intend to share things that I discover with our EcoSport. To donate a liter of gas to EcoSport DIY Series, click here.

© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)


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