Atimonan Zigzag Road (EME)

The old zigzag road that passes through Atimonan National Park is called the Atimonan Zigzag Road or EME (not to be confused with Bitukang Manok zigzag road at the Bicol National Park, between the boundary of Camarines Norte and Camarines Sur). This is my usual route to and from Bicol. It features hairpin turns and steep climbs that buses are no longer allowed to use the road (they use a longer, but safer alternate route). You may also notice at certain sections of the zigzag, the turn is so sharp and the climb too steep that motorists are asked (guided) to take the left lane (lane swapping), to give way to ascending vehicles.

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Isa na namang kaalaman sa ating minamahal na EcoSport
© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)


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