Installing a Dash Camera (Part 1: Fuse Tap)

This tutorial video shows how to connect wires on to an EcoSport’s fuse box, such that the dash camera turns on only when the engine is running, i.e., the dash camera turns off as the engine is switched off. If done improperly, this could likely void your warranty, so be very careful in following this modification.

This modification requires basic knowledge of electronics and must be carried out only by those familiar with it. Please do it at your own risk.

To watch the full video, head directly to Installing a Dash Camera (Part I: Fuse Tap). To learn more about other gadgets and accessories installed in an EcoSport, click here.

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Isa na namang kaalaman sa ating minamahal na EcoSport
© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)


16 thoughts on “Installing a Dash Camera (Part 1: Fuse Tap)

  1. Good day. Sharing our thoughts. As a Dash Cam User and seller, the hardwired dash cam sole purpose is providing constant power when ignition is off.
    Since hardwired, suggest to put a hardiwired kit where it will provide constant power and simuteneously protect your car battery from being drained.
    How to do hardwired?
    This had been describe before. Follow the step by step instruction given. Find the best fuse to tap.
    Use a fuse tap and not splicing. For dash cam where the ampere use not more than 3amps, use 5amp or 7.5amp fuse. Do not piggy back 2 dash cam in one fuse tap. It will stress the particular fuse.
    Good luck

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    • Yes, a kit is needed. In the case of my dash cam, the hard wire kit (no park mode though) was supplied with the dash camera ;) Other dash camera may not have a kit, thus, it is best to ask sellers which kits are best for a particular dash cam.


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