3A Anker USB Charger

The following product review is NOT sponsored by Anker. There are NO sponsored reviews nor advertisements on this website, EcoSport DIY Series.

While most USB chargers are rated at 1.5 A  to 2.4 A (for comparison, a typical USB port of a laptop is rated at just 0.5 A which explains why it takes a long time to charge with it), we seldom see one with a rating of 3 A! This is particularly useful when charging hi-powered mobile phones (such as an XPERIA). This ANKER dual USB charger, with one port rated at 3 A, and the other port at 2.4 A, is by far one of the most powerful chargers we’ve found in the local market (as of Sept 2018, Philippines).

You should try their USB cables, too, as they are also one the best ones in the market.

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Isa na namang kaalaman sa ating minamahal na EcoSport
© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)

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