Transcend DP110 Dash Camera

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I am currently testing a Transcend DP110 Dash Camera, purchased locally for about 5500 pesos. Among all models produced by Transcend, DP110 is the cheapest one with a screen (display). I prefer stand-alone dashcams with dedicated displays over ones with no screens at all, or even those that connect with  smartphones and use the phone’s screen for displaying video feed.

DP110 is good enough for the task of recording and has the following basic functions of a dash camera:

  1. Time-stamped video is clear, both daytime and night time recording (it has enhanced low-light recording, but no infrared night-vision mode found in hi-end models).
  2. It has an “emergency save button”. You’ll find this very useful in case of an emergency.
  3. Saves automatically when bumped (sensitivity can be adjusted).
  4. Loops 3 or 5-minute videos (with audio). The oldest video gets overwritten with the newest video (except if the video is tagged as important—if it is saved manually by the user by pressing the emergency save button, or saved automatically when the camera detects vibrations).
  5. Has a built-in battery, allowing the dash camera to save the current video if power suddenly gets disconnected (some prefer capacitors over batteries though).
  6. Has a dedicated display (for me, this is a must)!

The camera comes with a power adapter, a mount, and a user’s manual. Installation takes only about 5 minutes! I would recommend Transcend DP110 to anyone looking for a low-cost yet fully-functional dash camera.

Transcend Screenshot
Transcend DP110 dash camera’s sample frame from a recorded video

To watch the sample video taken with a Transcend DP110 Dash Camera, head directly to Transcend DP110 Dash Camera. You may also head to Rear View Camera Road Test.

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Isa na namang kaalaman sa ating minamahal na EcoSport
© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)


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