Osram Night Breaker Laser

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About a year ago, I have tried out installing LED headlights, but after a few months of use, reverted back to the stock halogen bulb. Recently, I have upgraded to the hi-performance halogen headlight bulbs Osram Night Breaker Laser (H4, 55/60 W).

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser (2)
Stock OSRAM bulb on the left, hi-performance OSRAM bulb on the right

Some notable improvements:

1. The Osram Night Breaker Laser is noticeably brighter, and thus illuminates the road better both in low and high beams, and I would say even better than the LEDs that I have previously installed!

2. The low beam has the same color as the stock bulb, only a bit brighter, but the high beam (as the light passes through a thin blue filter) produces a whiter beam. The whiter beam, as I have come to realize, indeed improves the driving experience.

3. The high-beam range has greatly improved (due to the bulb being brighter)! This is particularly useful in poorly-lit high ways.

Take note though that hi-performance bulbs are a bit pricey: this particular pair costs about 2700 pesos or 55 US dollars (a pair of stock bulbs cost only about 1500 pesos or 30 US dollars), but still at a lower price point than LEDs (I have purchased my LEDs at 4500 pesos or 90 US dollars). Also, hi-performance bulbs are expected to have shorter lifespans than stock bulbs. This is the trade-off: the brighter the bulb, the shorter the life span.

To watch the video of the hi-performance bulb’s road test, head directly to Testing the Osram Night Breaker Laser.

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4 thoughts on “Osram Night Breaker Laser

    • There is really no way of knowing, but just to give an estimate, stock bulbs may last from 5 to 10 years. Hi-performance bulbs may last from 2 to 5 years. There are brighter bulbs sold in the market today that are expected to last for only 6 months.


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