Meet our Pet Rooster

Our pet rooster has been featured in Manila Bulletin. To view all posts about our pet, click here.

Walking on the beach with our rooster pet, April 2019.


Teaching Chocobo some tricks, May 2018 ;) 

We have a pet rooster who travels with us on our road trips. We found him while still an egg and my  fiancée (who is a surgeon) helped him hatch, and the rooster now thinks we are his parents (more of this on later posts)! He always follows us everywhere we go, and we also bring him to various pet-friendly places (not many places here in the Philippines allow chicken pets).

April 2019 Daet
In our hometown in Camarines Norte

Here are some photos of Chocobo on-board our EcoSport!

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Happy 1st Birthday Chocobo
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Chocobo the Rooster enjoys the best life as his ‘parents’ feed him Starbucks, spaghetti

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Isa na namang kaalaman sa ating minamahal na EcoSport
© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)


One thought on “Meet our Pet Rooster

  1. happy 1st birthday to your pet ‘chocobo’ , God is delighted with your kind – good heart to all HIs creation and the wisdom given to you Sir Anthony (tama po ba?)… I salute you !

    Btw , meron na ba po tutorial video on How to dismantle steering wheel (for the repair of lower horn button)

    Thank you & God Bless both of you even more !


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