EcoSport Battery Replaced After 2.5 Years

Whenever I switch on the high beams, the cabin lights dim, and the cabin fan (at max speed) slows down, and random dashboard errors show up, indicating a weak battery. Upon inspection, I noticed a light corrosion build up on the positive terminal of the battery. Clearly, it needs replacement soon. This is to be expected since the stock battery is already 2.5 years old.  As a general rule, one should replace the battery every 2 years.

Corrosion most probably due to battery leak indicates that the battery is getting old and may not be as reliable as it was. Note that batteries degrade as they get older, and may start to fail after 2 years. Expect to see corroded terminals when the battery is nearing the end of its usable life. Clean the corroded terminals as you replace the battery with a new one. You may use grease to weather-seal the terminals and minimize corrosion. In the case of our EcoSport, only the positive terminal suffered from corrosion.

EcoSport accepts both DIN44, DIN55, and DIN60 batteries (DIN refers to a battery standard, with the numbers indicating the capacity, AH or ampere-hours, of the battery). I opted for an Emtrac DIN55, and it comes with 2.5 years warranty. Considering that the stock battery lasted 2.5 years, the warranty period of 2.5 years offered by Emtrac is enough incentive for me to consider purchasing the brand. According to the dealer, if the battery fails within the warranty period, it will be replaced with a new one.

DIN55 (left) is slightly larger than DIN44 (right). You need to pull a removable a tab on the battery’s cradle when installing a DIN55. Also, the computer box may be pushed upward and thus may leave a bit of a gap, but this is totally non-issue as you can still tighten the screws that hold the computer box in place. DIN55 is recommended if you have installed a number of accessories in your EcoSport.

DIN44 is perfectly capable of handling the demands of an EcoSport. DIN55, however, has 55 AH, thus, has a higher battery capacity than DIN44, which is rated only at 44 AH. The difference of 11 AH is desirable if you have installed a number of accessories, as in the case of my EcoSport. DIN55 costs about 7,000 pesos (140 USD) and DIN44 at about 6,000 pesos (120 USD). Replacement takes about 30 minutes.

In 2022, I found out that DIN60 also fits in an EcoSport!

A word of caution:

For MT variants: There is no need to keep the computer powered up during battery replacement. Simply disconnect the battery terminals, swap the batteries, clean the terminals, then reconnect the battery. The system’s time and date will reset due to disconnected power, but no error should show up.

For AT variants: There have been a number of reports that errors show up on some (but not all) AT units, when power gets disconnected. You may use an extra battery connected in parallel with the old one, so as to keep the computer powered during replacement. This issue seems to affect only some AT units, since a number of AT owners have successfully replaced their batteries with the power fully disconnected. It is still unclear what causes the errors to show (no formal statement yet from the car manufacturer). Some shops charge up to 3,000 pesos (60 USD) to fix this error—computer reprogramming, as they call it.

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Isa na namang kaalaman sa ating minamahal na EcoSport
© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)

2 thoughts on “EcoSport Battery Replaced After 2.5 Years

    • Hi Sushant,
      The tab is at the base of the battery. It prevents a DIN44 stock battery from slipping, since the compartment is larger than the battery. Just pull the tab to remove it, and replace the battery with a DIN55.


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