Replacing H4 with HS1 bulb

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EcoSport’s headlights are designed to accept bulbs with H4 specifications. H4 and HS1 bulbs are different bulb specifications but with almost identical dimensions—HS1 bulbs have wider center pin (A) compared to an H4 (B). Also, a standard HS1 bulb is rated at 35W/35W, while a standard H4 bulb is rated at 60W/55W (HS1 is less bright than an H4).

With just a minor modification, it is possible to swap the H4 with an HS1 bulb. While an H4 bulb fits on an HS1 mounting fixture without modification, fitting an HS1 on an H4 slot requires bending of its reference pin.

HS1 bulbs are intended for use in motorcycle headlights as they feature low wattage and relatively high light output. In this particular modification, I used an OSRAM 12V 35W-35W HS1 bulb. Due to lower wattage than the stock bulb (35W vs 55W), the light output appears to be a bit dim, but adequate enough for normal city driving conditions.

Important: This is just a test to see if HS1 and H4 bulbs can be swapped. I’ll be reverting back soon to an H4 OSRAM Night Breaker Laser .

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Isa na namang kaalaman sa ating minamahal na EcoSport
© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)

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