797 km in one Full Tank

When I was just learning how to drive, I was only getting around 352 km in one full tank. Three years later and after covering 65,000 km road distance, it has improved to about 797 km estimated range (700 km actual measured range on a Manila-Bataan-Manila-Bicol trip).

There are many factors that could impact fuel consumption, some of which are the traffic conditions, load the vehicle is carrying, proper tire pressure, selecting the correct gear and RPM, acceleration, condition of the vehicle, uphill or downhill roads, idling when stopped, temperature settings of your car’s climate control (air-con), installing various accessories that add weight to the car, driving habits, and many others. Among these factors, there is one that I think matters the most: how hard you step on the gas and how often you use the brakes.

Regardless of the car condition, a key factor to good fuel economy is the optimal management of resources—use just enough gas to move the vehicle and let it roll to a stop with very minimal use of the brakes. Every time you step on the gas pedal, you consume gas, and every time you step on the brakes, you are wasting that gas! The vehicle could have moved further, but you opted to stop it because you have given it way too much gas. Go easy on the gas pedal, and if you’ve been stepping on the brakes quite too often, then perhaps it is time re-evaluate your driving habits.

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Isa na namang kaalaman sa ating minamahal na EcoSport
© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)

One thought on “797 km in one Full Tank

  1. Kongratz on getting that best fuel mileage sir, syang three kms lang short para maging club 800, I’m sure you’ll get there soon. I too achieved club 700 late last year while enroute to Baguio. It’s great to have the Ecosport as part of our families,it’s not just the comfort and safety that it brings us, it’s fuel efficient as well, contrary to a lot of negatives out there from persons who really dont know how to maximize the capabilities of their judgment. Keep it up sir and I share the joy of your success.


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