Installing Hi-Wattage Headlights

I’ve upgraded the stock halogen headlight bulb of our EcoSport from 55/60W to 90/100W bulb. It resulted to more light output but generated a lot of heat. It also posed greater electrical load than the stock bulb, thus requiring a thicker wire harness. I used 4 relays (two for high beams, two for low beams), a few meters of thick stranded wire (harness) with protective sleeve, two ceramic bulb socket connectors, and two 10A fuses.

Notice the difference in the amount of light output in high and low beams with the high wattage halogen bulb (90/100 watts) and stock halogen bulb (55/60 watts).

Never install high wattage bulbs without the proper upgrades in wiring (harness) and fuse protection, doing so may cause the stock wiring to fail as they were never designed to accommodate load beyond the rated load of the stock bulb.

I have also tested light bulbs with 100W low beam and 130W high beam, and despite the increase in wattage, the headlight assembly dissipates the heat well. After a few months of testing, there appears to be no damage to the reflector (I will update this post if melting or any sort of damage occurs later on).

To watch a video on how I replaced the stock bulb with a high-wattage bulb (up to 130W), head directly to Installing High-Wattage Headlights. To learn how to use a relay, click here.

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Isa na namang kaalaman sa ating minamahal na EcoSport
© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)


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