Donors and Sponsors

EcoSport DIY Series provides free technical support for the EcoSport community. It has published more than 80 tutorial videos about EcoSport. Occasionally, it receives very limited funding for various projects from very generous readers. If EcoSport DIY Series has helped you in any way and you wish to return the favor, please consider donating.

I do not have the luxury to spend cash on items just so I could make a video. I only buy upgrades that I need, and produce a video tutorial whenever possible. If you have a sponsorship package in mind, say, you want to sponsor a video, or perhaps a product review, please do get in touch with me.

This year, I am looking for help in funding the following projects, which will be featured in future blog posts.

1. A pair of H11 dual-LED bulb (100% funded)
2. A pair of H3 bulb (100% funded)
3. A pair of auxiliary fog lights (100% funded)
4. Placing a rear door-open button on the dashboard (100% funded)
5. Website hosting for 2019–yes we’re here to stay! (100% funded)
6. A reverse parking sensor (20% funded)
7. A small bottle of watermarks remover
8. A dash camera for the rear window with fuse tap (100% funded)
9. Support such as a full tank of gas
10. (A topic request from sponsors and donors)

Alternatively, you may also send items you no longer use, so I could produce a video tutorial about them. To our generous readers who wish to support EcoSport DIY Series, please get in touch with me through this blog, or send an email to

I will be updating this post as pledges are made. Thank you very much for your support!


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