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1. Replacing EcoSport’s Engine Air Filter

EcoSport’s service manual recommends engine air filter replacement every 40,000 km.  Knowing how to replace the filter will not only save you on maintenance expenses, but also enables you to inspect (or clean) filters regularly.

To replace the engine filter:
1. Remove the engine air filter’s compartment cover secured in place by four screws.
2. Lift the cover to access the filter.
3. Remove the old filter and replace it with the new one.
4. Replace the compartment’s cover and secure it in place.

2. Dashboard Switch for Opening EcoSport’s Rear Doors

A dashboard switch for opening the rear door must be used with caution. Such a switch taps directly on to the wiring harness of the door-open button at the rear door. This modification is similar to the third button modification of the remote, which enables opening of the rear door, using the remote.

3. Repairing EcoSport’s Rear Door Actuator

This video demonstrates how to repair a damaged rear door lock actuator of an EcoSport,with a low-cost (250 pesos or 5 US dollars) generic actuator. In the video, I explained how to remove the stock actuator, mount the replacement generic actuator using cable ties, connect the wires for the power supply, and attach the lock-release cable to the arm of the actuator.

4.  Opening the Rear Door with the Remote

EcoSport owners are quick to notice that the third button in its remote is left unused. A simple modification, however, will activate this unused button. This modification will enable the remote key to open the boot door.

The hack is pretty simple—just put an eraser on the hollow space under the button! The whole process will only take a few minutes, and does not require any special equipment.

5. Installing a Dash Camera

This tutorial video shows how to connect wires on to an EcoSport’s fuse box, such that the dash camera turns on only when the engine is running, i.e., the dash camera turns off as the engine is switched off. If done improperly, this could likely void your warranty, so be very careful in following this modification.

This modification requires basic knowledge of electronics and must be carried out only by those familiar with it. Please do it at your own risk.

6. Cleaning EcoSport’s Cabin Filter

Like in any other air-conditioning system, the air filter in an EcoSport needs to be replaced every once in a while.  My local dealership recommends replacing or cleaning the cabin filter every 20,000 to 30,000 km, or 1 to 2 years, depending on how often the vehicle is used and the environment it is exposed to. Cleaning of the filter is included in EcoSport’s Periodic Maintenance Schedule (PMS). A technician usually replaces the filter when it is due for replacement, but you may also opt to perform the procedure yourself.

7. Shifter Knob Button

If you’ve been following this blog for a while now, you would know that I am also a licensed amateur radio enthusiast (Class A: DU1AU). A number of modifications done in this EcoSport are geared towards improving my mobile radio setup. In this video, I have shown how I placed a press-to-talk button in the shifter knob for a hands-free operation of the radio.

8. Installing License Plates in an EcoSport

After 2 years of waiting, the license plates (or more accurately, the registration plates) of our EcoSport have finally arrived (you can check availability of plates in the LTO website).

In this video, I have discussed how I installed the front and rear license plates using a theft-deterrent type of screw called security screws. Security screws are no longer supplied with the plates, thus, must be purchased separately (you can buy 4 stainless-steel security screws complete with nut and washer for 100 pesos or 2 US dollars). Installing the plates with security screws requires some effort since you need to drill through the plastic material then place and tighten a nut on the other side.

9. Installing LTO’s RFID Sticker

We have finally received the registration plate of our EcoSport. LTO-issued plates come with a pair of stickers, one of which has an embedded RFID tag. The stickers must be installed on the windshield, behind the rear view mirror (installing one sticker on top of the other). In this video, I have shown how I installed the sticker set (one transparent and one with the RFID tag) in an EcoSport.

10. Auto Power-Off 12V Port

EcoSport’s 12V port remains on (powered) even when the engine is off. While this could be an advantage as there is no need to turn the engine on in order to charge a phone, some would prefer a 12V port that turns off automatically. In this video, I have modified the 12V port of my EcoSport (Trend MT) to disconnect power when the ignition key is in off position.

This modification requires the use of a DIY jumper.

11. Emergency Rear Door Opener

EcoSport’s rear door (boot door) does not have a manual override. If the door’s actuator fails, the rear door won’t open until repairs are made. In this video, I have demonstrated how I installed an emergency rear door open knob that you can simply pull to open the rear door.

The DIY manual override knob features the following:

1. When the vehicle is locked, the knob will be automatically disabled. If a child pulls this knob, it will not open the rear door for as long as the vehicle is locked.

2. When the engine is running and the knob is pulled, a notification ‘door open’ appears on the dashboard’s console. The rear door will open only when the vehicle is unlocked.

3. It integrates fully with the alarm system, i.e., if someone pulls this knob when the alarm is active, it will trip the alarm. But then again, with the vehicle locked, the alarm sounds off but the door will not open!

12. Removing EcoSport’s Head Unit

EcoSport’s dashboard may be upgraded with compatible head unit replacement kits, some of which offer full integration to the car’s computer system (via compatible ports) as well as viewing monitors with touch screen functionality.

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