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Learning the Basics of EcoSport

EcoSport’s Alarm System
Information Display
Anti-Theft Side Mirror Cover
Child Lock and Door Lock
How to Fold the Rear Seats
Ambient Temperature Sensor
Cooled Glove Box
Removing EcoSport’s Headrest
EcoSport’s Rev Limiter
Adjusting the Steering Wheel Column
Steering Wheel Lock
EcoSport’s Transponder
Waterproof Gas Tank Cover

Roadside Emergencies

Opening and Closing EcoSport’s Hood
How to Remove the Spare Tire Cover
Spare Tire Key
Changing a Flat Tire
Tire Pressure Gauge (Pen-Type)
Portable Air Compressor
Vulcanizing Punctured Tire

Repair and Maintenance

Adding Water to the Orange Coolant
Replacing EcoSport’s Cabin Filter
Removing Paint Scratches
How to Clean the Engine Bay
Adjusting Headlights
Replacing 12V Port’s Fuse
Removing EcoSport’s Front Grill
Removing the Handbrake Panel
Removing Bumper Scratches
Removing EcoSport’s Antenna
Replacing Cabin Light’s Light Bulb
Cleaning Non-Leather Seats
Replacing Headlight Bulb
Replacing Side Mirror’s Hazard Light Bulb
Replacing Vanity Light’s Light Bulb
Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)
Cleaning EcoSport’s Rear Door (Boot Door) Lock
Removing Cement Using Vinegar
Removing the Shift Knob (MT)
Replacing Front Hazard Light Bulbs
Removing EcoSport’s Side Mirror
Replacing the Wiper Blades
Removing Steering Wheel Trim
Refilling the Windshield Washer Fluid (Wiper Wash)
Fix Paint Scratches with Nail Polish
Cleaning EcoSport’s Windshield Drain
Rear Door Seal Water Leak

Installing Gadgets and Accessories

Installing a Dash Camera (Part 1: Fuse Tap)
Installing LED Headlights
Installing a Voltmeter
Installing Auxiliary Headlights
Installing a Two-Way Radio
12V Lantern Display

Driving an EcoSport

Preparing for a Long Drive
Proper Tire Pressure
Sync’s Hand’s-Free Call and Text
Removing Fog on Windshield
EcoSport’s Defogger
Anti-Glare Rear-View Mirror
Computing Fuel Efficiency Using Full Tank Method
Getting a Driver’s License

Hidden Features

Activating Remote’s Third Button
Hidden Dashboard Menu

“Isa na namang kaalaman sa ating minamahal na EcoSport”

© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)


21 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. Hi! I accidentally landed in your Youtube channel and I immediately subscribe there. You help me a lot by watching your Youtube videos regarding Ecosport and also reading your blog post. Kudos to you Mr. Anthony! 😊


  2. Good am sir.
    A third party car alarm was installed to my ecosport yesterday.
    I’ve noticed something, I locked it thru the remote of the new alarm. Then after 1 minute, I unlocked it again. When I opened the door, the factory car alarm sound off. I quickly pressed the unlocked key of my old remote. Then it stopped. Is this normal? It happened most of the time. The only solutions I did was either to press the unlocked from my old remote or start the engine. Is there a way to deactivate the sound of the factory car alarm?


    • I was told that such behavior is normal. Apparently (according to a Ford technician) they have no way of by-passing the factory alarm (which is good news). I guess you’ll have to improvise for now :)


  3. Hi Sir,
    I want to subscribe. I tried to tap on that email add space to get password pero ayaw? Pano kaya. Please help.

    Ecosport owner ako.

    Thank you


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