How to Get Your Password

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To all subscribers (free):

A new password was sent to your email on October 14, 2019, with the subject line “Password EcoSport DIY Series”.

To new readers:

To receive the auto-reply mail containing the password (Full Access), you must subscribe (free) by entering your email on the subscribe box. If you do not provide an email, you will only be given Partial Access (no password will be sent).

The subscribe box is on the right side of this page (see screenshot). Subscription is free! Note: If you are using a mobile phone to view this page, scroll down until you see the subscribe box.

(1) PARTIAL ACCESS: This is more of a “follow blog” subscription, which gives you access to all pages, except for the ones which are password-protected (you may view sample videos in the tutorials section, but all the rest of the videos require a password). In Partial Access, you will receive a notification but no password will be sent to your email. Partial access subscription is free.

(2) FULL ACCESS: Subscription by not only receiving each new post, but also gain access to the password-protected pages (password sent to your email). By subscribing, you will immediately gain access to more than 100 subscribers-only videos. Full access subscription is also free.

If you have subscribed to Full Access, this is the email that you will receive (take note of the password).

confirm follow

If you have instead subscribed to Partial Access, this is the email that you will receive, without a password (this happens when you use an app to follow this blog, e.g., WordPress app).subscribe wordpress

Changing from Partial Access to Full Access

You were only given partial access because you did not enter your email in the subscription box. To change your subscription type, you must unsubscribe first, then subscribe properly by entering your email on the subscribe box on the right side bar of the page (for mobile phone users, the subscribe box is at the bottom part of the page). Check your email for the notification and password. Click Confirm Follow to complete your request. If you do not confirm follow, you will not be included in the mailing list where I plan to send new passwords (passwords are changed regularly and notifications containing new passwords are sent via the mailing list).

Use your password to access the videos in the Tutorials page. Save your password, if you lose it, I will not send another one.

For inquiries, email:

Isa na namang kaalaman sa ating minamahal na EcoSport
© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)

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