How to Subscribe to EcoSport DIY Series

You need to subscribe to get your password. Subscription is FREE and takes only a few seconds to complete.

The subscribe button is on the right side of this page (see screenshot). By subscribing, you will immediately get access to more than 60 subscribers-only videos.

Take note that there are two levels of access to his page:

(1) PARTIAL ACCESS: Subscription by simply receiving each new post, but not subscribed to the password-protected pages.

(2) FULL ACCESS: Subscription by not only receiving each new post, but also get access to the password-protected pages, to which I have setup an auto-reply mail with password.

To receive the auto-reply mail containing the password, you must subscribe to the FULL ACCESS by entering your email on the subscribe box. If you have subscribed properly, this is the email that you should be receiving, which should indicate a password.

Temporary Password


If you have instead erroneously subscribed to just the feed, or PARTIAL ACCESS, you are not subscribed to the protected pages. You will receive this auto-reply mail which does not contain a password.

subscribe wordpress

To change your subscription type, you must select unsubscribe first (otherwise the system will tell you that you have already subscribed), then head back to the page and subscribe properly by entering your email.


Enter your email and click SEND ME THE PASSWORD. Once you’ve received your password, make sure to click Confirm Follow, otherwise, your email will not be included in the mailing list which I plan to use in sending new passwords.


Once you have subscribed, and a password has already been sent to your email, please head to the Tutorials Page. For inquiries, email:

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