Warning Lights

Dashboard Warning Lights in an EcoSport

1_120C Engine TempThe coolant used in an EcoSport is designed to protect the engine from overheating up to a temperature of 129 deg Celsius (C). When you see this symbol, it means the engine’s temperature is already greater than 120 deg C (normal temperature is only about 87 deg C), and will soon overheat if you continue driving the vehicle. Stop safely on the side of the road and do not turn off the engine. Instead, open the cabin heater to divert the heat from the engine into the cabin, thereby, lowering the engine’s temperature.

2_Airbag Module ErrorThis symbol indicates the there is a fault with the airbag deployment system. Sometimes this fault appears when the system detects very low battery voltage levels, which indicates that the electrical power currently available is insufficient. The error may also show up if there is an error with the wiring system, the sensors, or if there is a failure in the main board that control’s airbag deployment. If this error shows up, you may still drive the vehicle but the airbags will not deploy in the event of a collision.

3_Anti-Lock Braking SystemEcoSport has a feature called Anti-lock Breaking System (ABS), in which the vehicle monitors the spin of each wheel and detects if any of the wheels are no longer spinning (or locked) while the vehicle is in motion. Pressing on the brakes too hard will lock the wheels, and will lead to the vehicle spinning out of control. To prevent this, the Anti-lock Breaking System will reduce the amount of braking force on any wheel that locks, providing enhanced stability during emergency situations. When you see this error, it means that the feature is deactivated. If you see this error only during start up, it may indicate that the system’s voltage is not sufficient to successfully perform the anti-wheel lock procedure. The Anti-lock Breaking System may not have any fault at all, but returns an error due to low battery voltage (your battery may be getting old and needs replacement soon).

4_Battery Charging ErrorThis error shows up whenever the system detects a very low system voltage while the engine is running. The battery relies on an on-board electrical generator (called alternator) to recharge to full capacity. If there is a fault in the charging system, which could be a damaged alternator, a snapped belt, or a damage in the wiring system, the battery will not charge. Do not drive the car if you see this error. If you see this warning light while driving, stop safely on the road, and bear in mind that once you turn off the engine, you may no longer have a chance to start it up. With the charging system damaged, the dashboard instruments will turn off once all the power from the battery has been used up.

5_Break System MalfunctionThis warning light shows up when the system detects an error in the braking system. This light also turns on to indicate that the handbrakes are engaged (as driving the vehicle with the handbrakes on will damage the braking system). This is a critical error that must be addressed as soon as possible. Never drive the vehicle with this light turned on.

6_Check EngineThis symbol is called the Check Engine Light indicator. It means that the system detects a problem with the engine and alerts you of a possible error. There are several instances in which this light could show up: if the system detects an unusually low amount of air being drawn by the engine (clogged filter), if the system detects misfires and too low RMP values, if the system detects an error on any of the sensors in the engine that monitors its condition (like a knock sensor, which senses unusual vibrations), or it could simply be an automated alert that reminds you to change the engine’s oil after a certain interval (10,000 km for an EcoSport). You may still drive the vehicle with this light turned on. If the error is not damaging (for example the system detects unusual emission levels due to poor driving technique), the error should disappear within a few hours. If the error remains on after a day, visit a mechanic for proper diagnosis and repair.

7_Door OpenThis error indicates that at least one of the doors is still open. If this error remains on after the doors have been closed, it means that one of the sensors (in at least one of the doors) is faulty and needs replacement. Always close and lock the doors when the vehicle is in motion.

8_Electronic Stability ControlEcoSport has a feature called Electronic Stability Control (ESC), which helps prevent loss of traction. It prevents skidding by monitoring the motion of the vehicle and once it detects that the vehicle is about to skid, it automatically applies necessary adjustments such as: activating the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), reducing throttle power, and balancing the braking force applied on the individual wheels. The vehicle may still be driven with this light on, but will no longer benefit from the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) feature.

9_Engine OverheatIf this warning light shows up, then it means your engine has overheated. As soon as you see this light, stop safely on the side of the road, turn off the engine, and call for help. The car is no longer safe to drive and may have suffered a fatal problem.

10_ESC OFFThis light turns on to remind you that the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) —a feature that prevents skidding—is turned off (manually by the user). If you are engaged in car recreational sports, you need to turn off the Electronic Stability Control (ESC), else you won’t be able to drift with your EcoSport (if that is even possible).

11_fasten seatbeltAlways wear seat belts when driving. If this light remains on after fastening the driver’s seat belt, it could be due to a faulty switch integrated onto the seat belt’s buckle, or a damaged wiring.

12_Fog Lights ONThis symbol indicates that the front fog lights are turned on.

13_Hi-Beams OnThis status light turns on when the headlight’s high beams are turned on.

14_Low FuelThis warning light turns on when the fuel level becomes low. If this light remains on after refueling, it could be due to a stuck or faulty sensor (floater) inside the fuel tank.

15_Low Oil PressureThis warning light indicates that the oil pressure has gone down to unsafe levels. Remember that the engine needs lubrication provided by the oil (which needs to be changed regularly). Without sufficient lubrication, the engine will suffer catastrophic failure. Stop the engine immediately as soon as you see this warning. Do not restart the vehicle unless you are a qualified mechanic and has completed a thorough diagnosis.

16_Cruise Control ONThis symbol indicates that the Cruise Control feature (for Automatic Transmission units only) has been turned on. Cruise control was not released as a standard EcoSport feature in the Philippine market, but may be installed as an upgrade by a qualified technician. Cruise Control allows you to set a maximum speed for your EcoSport when cruising on a high way.

17_Park Light OnEcoSport has two front “eyebrow” park lights that can be turned on and off independently with the headlights and front fog lights. Park lights are designed to illuminate the car’s immediate vicinity and make the car more visible (even with the headlights turned off) when parked.

18_Power Steering MalfunctionEcoSport is equipped with electric-power steering feature (called Electric Power-Assisted Steering) designed to make the steering wheel easier to move with the help on an electric motor. This error shows up if the system detects a malfunction in the steering system (such as a faulty motor or a faulty controller). Since the system is electric, EcoSport does not require a ‘steering fluid’. Do not drive the vehicle if you see this error.

19_Rear Fog Light ONAs required by the European car standards, EcoSport has a red rear fog light on the driver’s side (note that it has a symmetrical reverse light counterpart on the passenger side). The EcoSport’s rear fog light is 5 times brighter than the tail lights, and has the same brightness as the engaged brake lights. It is designed to make the car more visible during poor road visibility such as the presence of fog or heavy rain.

20_Transmission MalfunctionThis error lights up when the system detects an error with the transmission (take note, the engine is different from the transmission). One possible cause for this error is the loss of calibration in the positions of the two electronic clutches for AT vehicles. Another possible cause would be overheating of the transmission due to improper driving techniques (in the case of an EcoSport equipped with a Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT), you should always shift to Neutral when stopped in heavy traffic). If this error shows up, the vehicle will enter a safe mode and will not allow you to use the transmission to its full capacity (for example, you can only shift up to 3rd gear). Drive with extreme caution.

21_Uphill Assist MalfunctionEcoSport’s Automatic Transmission variant has a feature that prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards during hill starts. The feature engages the brakes for 3 seconds allowing the driver to launch the vehicle without rolling backwards in a tight uphill climb. Do not leave the vehicle while the hill launch assist feature is active.

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Isa na namang kaalaman sa ating minamahal na EcoSport
© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)

8 thoughts on “Warning Lights

      • Based po sa ibang reports, pwede po lumabas ang error na yan kapag mahina na ang battery. Need nyo na po magpapalit ng bago asap :) Kaya po nag-eeror kasi nawawala na ang tamang voltage level, na nasesense ng ABS module.


  1. Hello po while driving biglang umilaw po ang ABS, Ecosport Automatic Transmission and ESC hindi n po siya nawala habang nagdrive po ako. Possible po kaya na battery lng po ang problem?


    • Saan po makakabili 2015 abs module. Dapat daw palitan na to sabi mekaniko ko. Sabi sa kasa dito sa Naga cost daw nito di bababa 115K dahil Thailand pa oorderin, slmt po


  2. Kapapalit ko lang ng battery. Then the ABS, Traction Control, Hills Up Assist showed up. It this an electrical issue as well? Dinala ko sa mekaniko for estimate, 40 to 50k ang estimate, piyesa palang. 5k ang labor.


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