Tires Replacement After 5 Years | 93,000 km

We’ve replaced our EcoSport’s tires after five years of use, at about 93,000 km distance traveled. Tires degrade with age and suffer from the usual wear and tear. The tire’s thread wear indicator and manufacturing date are indicated on the tire (consult with the dealer). For safety reasons and as a matter of preference, we’ve decided to replace all four tires at once (every five years).

The stock tire size of 2014-2018 EcoSport Trend variant is 205/60R16. We had a road emergency once and had to use a 215/60R16 with the stock rim, which also fits perfectly.

Tire shops may offer (1) free installation in which the old tires are removed and replaced with the new tires and (2) free wheel balancing to ensure that the tire which has been mounted on the rim, has a balanced spin without wobble. The tire valves may also need replacement which you need to purchase separately, and also pay for the wheel weights used in balancing. Shops may also offer additional service such as wheel alignment (not needed in the case of our EcoSport, as reported by the wheel alignment machine).

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Isa na namang kaalaman sa ating minamahal na EcoSport
© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)


3 thoughts on “Tires Replacement After 5 Years | 93,000 km

  1. 1. Sir how much po cost inabot ng pg palit nyu ng sa timing belt at iba pa na kasama nya.. 2. At sa cost po rin ng new tire… Salamat po

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  2. I have 2014 diesel ecosport, i changed my tyres after 5 years and 97,000kms – Tyres were hard but didnt break – threads were good, but because it was hard drive became bumpy and suspension has to work doubly hard.


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