Check Engine Light

The dreaded check engine light appeared on our dashboard when we were climbing a steep hill in Tagaytay. We believe that the error was tripped by poor combustion since it appeared precisely at the moment when the car was struggling, with the RPM dropping below idling levels (below 900 RPM). We did not reset anything, we simply parked and leave the car for about 30 minutes. When we restarted it, the error has disappeared.

Check engine light simply indicates that something about the engine is beyond the normal expected readings as determined by the manufacturer.

The error appeared when our EcoSport was still at 31,000 km. The car now has covered more than 55,555 km, and the error has not reappeared.

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Isa na namang kaalaman sa ating minamahal na EcoSport
© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)

2 thoughts on “Check Engine Light

  1. Thanks sir sa blog na to. nag appear samin kahapon @44k… nung nag park ako sa NLEX petron, biglang nawala. but will check the engine and replace the spark plugs. just to be sure.


  2. I have a check engine light on because a cat bit thru the upper O2 sensor cable, I mean all the way thru. So I ordered the special socket required to remove the sensor and repaired the cut cables. Problem is this. The cat bit thru the cables right at the sensor, leaving very little wire to work with. I did my best to reattach the wires, but there is another problem. Ford, in its infinite wisdom, put 4 wires on the sensor. One black wire (probably ground), one other color easy to match up, then two off white wires. Why they put two wires of the same color on the sensor, I have no idea, but it made the likelihood of matching the correct wires a 50/50 chance, with no idea of the issue it might cause if I get it wrong. Scary.

    Anyway, I made the repair and turned the engine on, the check engine light remained on. Do I need to do a reset, or did I just get the wires wrong?

    Anyone that had the answer, I will truly appreciate it.

    Ford wants a ridiculous amount of money to do the repair and I have no clue where to buy a new sensor other than Ford, which is very far from my home. They won’t order the part until I pay in advance, which makes a double round trip a total pain in the ass.

    Thanks in advance,


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