Rear Door (Boot Door) Lock

Unlike in the other doors of the EcoSport which can be opened manually by pulling the door handle, the rear door lacks this feature and can only be opened by pressing a switch. Integrated in the rear door is an electro-mechanical device that moves the unlock mechanism—this is called an actuator (you can learn more about the rear door actuator here).

As you close the door, it is pressed against a spring, and then it latches. When you press the unlock button, the door opens as soon as the actuator releases the latch. Because of this design, dirt and grime may cause the rear door’s unlock mechanism to malfunction.

Boot Door (Rear Door) 2

To watch the video, head directly to Rear Door (Boot Door) Lock.

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Isa na namang kaalaman sa ating minamahal na EcoSport
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11 thoughts on “Rear Door (Boot Door) Lock

  1. Ayaw bumukas ng rear door ko, ano kaya ang maaaring problema nito? Paano ko tatanggalin ang rear door panel cover para ma-access ko ang lock mula sa loob? Thanks in advance.


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