Testing the Range of my Two-Way Radio

Any place with high elevation offers ideal conditions to test the range of a radio gear. I was in Tagaytay last week testing out the two-way radio equipment I have installed in my EcoSport. With multiple successful contacts from Tagaytay to other radio stations in Quezon City, I was able to determine that my current radio setup has an effective range of at least 70 km.

Tagaytay to QC Radio
Tagaytay to Quezon City, Distance: 70 km

The farthest-ever distance reached by my radio setup is about 135 km, when I accidentally received a “CQ” (a call) from a station in Calapan, Mindoro, while driving along Roxas Blvd., in Manila.

Manila to Calapan, Distance: 135 km

The equipment I used for these tests are as follows (as of September 2018).

Yaesu 2900R VHF 75-watt base radio
Diamond SG7000 dual band mobile antenna (1/4-wave VHF, 6/8-wave UHF)
Diamond K33 antenna mount
Diamond SX200 SWR meter
4 meters of RG8 cable

To watch the full-length video on how I installed a two-way radio in an EcoSport, head directly to Installing a Two-Way Radio. To learn more about other gadgets and accessories installed in an EcoSport, click here.

To subscribe and get your password, click here.

Isa na namang kaalaman sa ating minamahal na EcoSport
© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)


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