Laptop Car Charger

A laptop car charger can be quite useful in powering up a laptop, especially when waiting in your car for extended periods. Such chargers are plugged in directly into the 12V DC port, and can power almost any laptop, as it steps-up the car system voltage of about 12-14V to 15-24V. The 5-ampere ComOn DC-to-DC converter (MW2173) is quite robust, I’ve purchased mine back in 2008 (ten years ago)!

Laptop Charger for Cars

While an inverter—a device that converts 12V DC to 220V AC so you can plug in a laptop 220V AC charger—may be used to power laptops, too, I find no sense in converting DC voltage to AC, then converting the AC back to DC :)


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© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)



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